Sixty Four Photos

Sixty Four Photos is a poem written by Agnieszka Polakowska in response to the sixty-four photos of the original album for my road trip to South Carolina and Georgia. The complete album follows the poem. For the poet’s bio, see the Contributors section. 

Sixty Four Photos – for Filomena (August 20 – September 7, 2014)

You look at what I would look at—you see
The charm of weathered wood, a textured past
Exposed by brick, experience rendered free
In moments framed to memory outlast.

I look at what you looked at, and see still
Serenity suspended under light
Dripping from moss-laden trees—feel the thrill
Of open doors and glimpses caught in flight.

Periwinkles, pluff mud, and oyster shells
Abstracted into art—palmetto tree
Into roses turned—places your eye dwells
Are known to my thought—familiar to me.

You took me there, my friend, and now I want
To join you on your next picturesque jaunt.

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2 responses to “Sixty Four Photos

  1. What lovely pictures showing food, nature and history, but it’s the little details and the special angles with which you carefully chose to take a certain picture that make me feel as if I am next to you following you on this journey. I love how you chose to have a poem introduce this journey.


    • Thank you Melanie! The credit for the poem goes to its rightful author, Agnieszka Polakowska. My photos from this road trip inspired her beautiful words.


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