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This site’s header image deserves an explanation:

I photographed this red couch during a weekend visit in Richmond, Virginia in March 2014. The abandoned couch first caught my attention for the way in which it blended with the landscape of the alley and neighbourhood. Its colour and stains matched with the washed-out white wall against which it had been placed, and the word “love” was graffitied from a perfect distance of it. Both the physical object and word were composed perfectly for a photograph. So, I pulled out my camera.

It occurred to me that this composition might have been intentional. That is, somebody had spatially composed a part of the alley around a simple puzzle: “love” + seat = love seat. The space was telling a story, albeit a very brief one. The act of constructing a narrative in a public space excited me. Suddenly, I was a spectator, no longer a passerby, and the couch and word were props on the set of a messy and dilapidated neighbourhood that had its own story to tell. The couch and word were ready for the curtains to go up, and I for the drama to start.

My capturing of this “scene” in an alley of Richmond foreshadowed a significant encounter in my life. Six months after I photographed the red love seat, I met a special man in Savannah, Georgia on an orange love seat. The story that unfolded between him and me played a significant role in my life, which I describe briefly in my post In the Deep South.

All physical places – even those as mundane as a love seat – can determine the paths that our inner journeys take. When the time came to choose an image for mscalabreezy’s image header, I knew immediately that the photo with the red “love seat” would be the only fit.