About site

On 28 December 1991 I wrote my first journal entry: “The day will come that I will finally tell (name deleted) off.” It was a tone charged with emotion, and it would define the register of future entries. Unbeknownst to me then, this first sentence was the beginning of an account of twenty-three years of personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions documented in twenty-four journals (and still counting!). I have recorded my story in words.

I felt compelled to write down my thoughts and experiences from an early age. I’d like to continue this narrative, only now on a site open to others to read, which I dedicate to my younger self, whose courage, voice, and words brought me to the good place where I am today. This site’s public words are in memory of her private spirit. Over time, I felt compelled to see beyond my hometown. This site’s photos are, thus, a tribute to a passion that grew from within my older self.

mscalabreezy tells the stories of outer places and inner voyages, informed by personal experiences, discoveries, impressions, and emotions. Though they are my stories, they may resonate with you. Each is told through the interweaving of word and image, in honor of the forms of expression used by my younger and older self. mscalabreezy is a process: each post, each photo, each word all are steps toward my maturation as a person, photographer, and writer.

All text and photography by Filomena Calabrese; when noted, written pieces edited by Agnieszka Polakowska.

Disclaimer: Photos and text published on mscalabreezy may be reused provided that permission is requested and credit is given to their author(s).