About me

I was born in Calgary. I was broken-hearted in Perugia. I focused in Montreal. I fell in love with Toronto in Toronto. I matured in Norfolk. I moved back to Toronto, then I returned to Calgary. I may live elsewhere in the distant future.

Movement away from what is known towards what is unknown makes me feel most alive. My curiosity to see and experience new places drives me to leave old places behind in favour of exploring new ones. This is why I have always preferred to describe my life in terms of the time I have spent living in different places: 26 years in Calgary; one in Perugia; three in Montreal; eight in Toronto; three in Norfolk; 18 months in Toronto; and now four months in Calgary. So far. Like the friends who remind us of who we were at different stages of our lives, each block of time in these places informs a part of who I am today.

Now, at 41, I understand that each place after I left Calgary at 26 played a role in what was a significant fifteen-year journey of self-discovery. This journey has taken me back to Calgary, where I am beginning, what I believe, yet another personal odyssey. How long it will last before the next one begins is unknown to me, but I am certain it will be, once more, an intermingling of physical places, human encounters, trials and errors, and inner growth.

My three years in the USA were the culminating years of this journey; it is here where the strength and knowledge I accumulated in each place led to clarity and compelled me to give voice to my journeys – inner and outer, past, present and future – in a public forum. My blog name honours my time in the USA: mscalabreezy reflects the phonetic mispronunciation of my Italian last name by the Americans in this part of the country.